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Looking to promote your crypto project? You have come to the right place! We have some of the most affordable and competitive pricing when it comes to promoting crypto projects. Look at our offerings below and order our promotion services for your project today!

HiddenGems Index Listing


Have your crypto project listed on our HiddenGems Index for people to discover and learn more about it. Every listing includes a project details page that will contain information about the project along with links to the project’s website and socials. Registered users may also cast one upvote per 24 hours to move it further towards the top of the index exposing it to more people.

HiddenGems Index Banner Ads

Starting at 0.1 BNB!

Promote your project with a banner ad located at the top of our HiddenGems Index page and drive more attention to your project! We have many size options to choose from for both non-animated and animated banner ads to fit your budget. With our real time ad performance statistics, it’s never been easier to track how effective your promotion is.

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